Reminder to self that you have the purple scissorblade, you finished the wig months ago, you made the dress and you look dare you admit to yourself very good in it, you have about five beyond good photographers requesting shoots from you

what is the problem OTZ

when we move, we do this shoot ¬m¬~


Please excuse, must reblog~

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Ughhhhhhhhhh everything hurts~
Even my hair hurts….gon crawl to bed

Turns out I can still chignon…sort of
It’s going to make a sort of secret cos for the Hyde park picnic a lot easier, anyone care to guess?

Oh and no makeup cause it’s 1:20am and I’m not dedicated enough to makeup at this hour

Making Worbla shoes for cosplay~
Fml this is hard

While I wait for my edits from LFCC I totally entered Gibson’s photo competition to win one of their amazing Les Paul’s

If you have Facebook and could visit the link and give me a like that would be unbelievably awesome of you <3


I’m just..REALLY excited because this is my first time creating something from scratch..?
And bless hl-hja for the body contour tutorial, because I had no idea how I was even going to begin this.
My gf is that wonderful dress form because she supports me in all of my endeavors~
Anyway, bear with me. I’ll be posting a good bit of WIP stuff over the next month and a half or so.

This looks Fab!
Can’t wait to see it made x :3

Cosplay Boot Log ~ How I make boot covers for my cosplaying :3

Might be useful~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

kur0neko43 sent: Oh i just read that you do your cosplays your self ^-^'''' Anyway they Are awesome ! And i wanted to ask how long it take to do one cosplay :) I want to do cosplays too but im Not really sure though...

Aha~ I was literally about to answer the other~

If I’m honest if depends, most of my cosplays have a turn around of about 3weeks~ but that’s with me taking my time, I’ve made cosplays the day before the event :’L

It just depends on the complexity and materials being used :3 


My weekend of photoshooting this far~
Ty to Lucas Ambrosio Photography for my Inori
and Hollowpoint Photography for my Godoka