Ughhhhhhhhhh everything hurts~
Even my hair hurts….gon crawl to bed

Turns out I can still chignon…sort of
It’s going to make a sort of secret cos for the Hyde park picnic a lot easier, anyone care to guess?

Oh and no makeup cause it’s 1:20am and I’m not dedicated enough to makeup at this hour

Making Worbla shoes for cosplay~
Fml this is hard

While I wait for my edits from LFCC I totally entered Gibson’s photo competition to win one of their amazing Les Paul’s

If you have Facebook and could visit the link and give me a like that would be unbelievably awesome of you <3


I’m just..REALLY excited because this is my first time creating something from scratch..?
And bless hl-hja for the body contour tutorial, because I had no idea how I was even going to begin this.
My gf is that wonderful dress form because she supports me in all of my endeavors~
Anyway, bear with me. I’ll be posting a good bit of WIP stuff over the next month and a half or so.

This looks Fab!
Can’t wait to see it made x :3

Cosplay Boot Log ~ How I make boot covers for my cosplaying :3

Might be useful~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

kur0neko43 sent: Oh i just read that you do your cosplays your self ^-^'''' Anyway they Are awesome ! And i wanted to ask how long it take to do one cosplay :) I want to do cosplays too but im Not really sure though...

Aha~ I was literally about to answer the other~

If I’m honest if depends, most of my cosplays have a turn around of about 3weeks~ but that’s with me taking my time, I’ve made cosplays the day before the event :’L

It just depends on the complexity and materials being used :3 


My weekend of photoshooting this far~
Ty to Lucas Ambrosio Photography for my Inori
and Hollowpoint Photography for my Godoka

I love this one

Hollowpoint Photography always makes such beautiful composites ;3;

Can’t wait for the rest if this set